Shared Revenue Opportunities

General Vending offers various shared revenue opportunities for our business partners. We approach every location as a potential long-term partnership. We provide a full line of amusement vending, cigarette vending and ATM equipment that best fit each location at no cost to the location owner.

All revenue generated from our equipment is split after taxes and expenses have been paid. This type of arrangement creates healthy long-term relationships with location owners, making it a win-win scenario for both parties. Location owner does not have to invest their capital to setup the locations or worry about any ongoing maintenance cost.


Short-Term Equipment Rental

We offer three different amusement rental options for our customers, which will meet each location and event’s various needs.

  • Daily rentals: Amusements rentals that are geared toward special events and celebrations, such as birthdays and corporate events.
  • Weekly rentals: Amusement rentals that are needed for less than a month, such as those for retreats, tradeshows, movie and TV sets and display floors.
  • Seasonal rentals: Rentals that are needed for over a month, such as summer camps.

Consulting Services

General Vending provides consulting services to location owners by evaluating all aspects of their location, including utilizing our space planning technology.

We then propose a plan to maximize square footage usage for the best return with the right mix of equipment for your site. We are dedicated to delivering the ideal customer experience for your business and your customers.

Around the Clock Service
Around the Clock Service
We offer 24/7 service from fully trained and experienced technicians.

One Stop Shop
With just one phone call, we simplify your Florida amusement vending rental needs by offering our unlimited resources and full line of inventory.

Newest Equipment
We continuously upgrade our Equipments to keep your location current, and virtually free of maintenance issues.


Wide Selection of Choices
Wide Selection of Choices
Our complete line of Amusement and entertainment vending products assures you find the right piece for your business venue.

Customized Service
We evaluate your location and Customer base in order to select the best equipment to Maximize the revenue potential of your site.

We will repair or replace any machine that is not functioning properly as quickly as possible.


Space Planning
Space Planning
Our space planning technology provides a virtual layout configuration in order to select the right equipment for the shape and size of your site.

No Startup Costs
We require zero out of pocket investment. We install all the equipment and share the profits, with no cost for maintenance and servicing to our partners.